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Welcome on the Scribus-ECE site.

Scribus-ECE are private (but open and free as Open Source) releases of the best free and open DTP program Scribus, based on and synchronized with current official Scribus SVN snapshots of 1.4 and trunk releases.

In GIT repository you can find two branches:

  • ece14 - based on Version14 branch from Scribus SVN
  • ece15 - based on trunk branch from Scribus SVN


Improved features in my branches:

O - feature exists in official Scribus release

Feature ece14 ece15
markers feature including
- variable text marker which provide defined text in multiply places in document (useful for constant text like date, number of issue, document title in headers or footers, etc. which is changed once at time)
- reference markers to items and other markers
- Markers Manager for fast find markers in text end edition of markers used in document
+ O
footnotes and endnotes as addition to marks feature - O
tabs in Properties Palette opens accordingly to selected item + +
switch between overlapped text frame without exiting edit mode + O
automatic fixing text frame height to last line bottom + O
replacing text in whole document + +
style based Table Of Content + +
importing text without reading styles from it (but save local text formatting) + +
opening one instance of GIMP for multiply image editing (on Ubuntu GIMP must be closed before opening another image for edition) + +
unlinking text frames with text split + O
keyboard shortcuts for styles + +
cropping images to size of image frame with overwrite source or creating cropped copy of image + -
Preflight Verifier warnings about RGB text and widows and orphans + -
visible in frame on-the-fly warnings about RGB text and widows and orphans + +
widows/orphans control as paragraph style property works also in columns - +
hyphenation setting as part of paragraph style + +
inserting smart hyphen at beginning of word avoid hyphenation of it + +
better text undo with detailed notice in undo history and additional actions available to undoing + O (partialy)
does not clear local formatting while applying paragraph styles + +
text margins and indents are available from Properties Palette - +
page switcher show also "virtual page names" (useful if sections use other than arabic numbers or numbers start not from 1) - +
sections can be numerated in reverse order - +
"Baseline Grid" option for first line offset - O
Support of BULLETS and NUMBERED LIST for paragraphs. - O
Imposition in PDF output - +
Typographic spaces for some chars like ?!() - +
Growing distance between chars if spaces are too wide - +
Clearing document basing on items attributes "NODEL" and "CLEAR" - +
Merging two paragraphs style from first paragraph is used - +
Text Validator - +
StyleVariable Marks (gets text from paragraph occurence) - +

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